Scouting is mandatory from Class VII – X. It enhances social as well as academic skills. On 96thMilad Mubarak Saifi Scout Band was honored the best band by our beloved AqaMoula (TUS).

A poem Dedicated to our beloved GL(s) Sir Shk.FakhruddinAurangabadi

From:- Scouts \ Rovers of Saifee Scout Group

Every Now and Then
Every now and then I wonder
As I walk down the lane,
How many boys have done the same?
Hiked to the cabin for fun and games

Every now and then, when it takes courage to lead my peers,
I feel a hand upon my shoulder and in my ear I hear
“Its ok son, you can do it, you have nothing to fear”

That little bit of encouragement helped me through my test.
I went to see who helped me, to tell “I did my best”.
But no one said they helped me. They said it was on my own.