The primary school years are an important phase in a child’s education as they lay the foundation for his learning and development for a better tomorrow. The primary school curriculum is designed to build confidence in every child and develop a desire in him to excel in both academic and non-academic areas.

The entire primary school programme has reached to its excellence through the Project method and the use of modern technology. The project method not only helps the students in comprehending the topic better but it also makes learning an enjoyable experience as it involves active participation of the students. Educomp Smart class enables the students to retain the concepts taught in the class leading to better performance in studies.

The co-curricular activities play an important role in the school curriculum. The activities held throughout the year broaden the students’ horizon and makes a platform for their personality development.

The teachers play the role of a mentor and a facilitator by providing opportunities to the students which boosts up the interest level of the young minds in all different learning curves and makes them an independent and a civilized individual. The overwhelming support and guidance of the Management and the Principal is highly appreciated as it not only inspires the faculty but also transforms their thoughts in shaping young minds.


  • Nature, Our Best Friends
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Human Life
  • Modern Technology

The Projects mentioned above are taken up together in all the classes varying according to the age level and the interest level of the students.