Facilities Offered

The school runs classes from nursery to X th standard, educating more than 550 students daily. Each student is mentored and coached to get prepared for the Dini and Secondary School Certificate Examination. Each classroom is well equipped with audio and visual aids, comfortable lighting and ventilation, CCD camera monitoring present in gangways. To focus on the development of each student, the class strength in each class does not exceed more than 35 students. Dini education is well encompassed in the daily curriculum such as recitation of the Holy Quran, sessions for Namaz, Lisan-u-dawat , eating habits etc. form part of the schedule and no exception is done for the same. The school library has more than 16,000 books covering areas of social sciences, geography, literature, science and fiction. The school subscribes to leading magazines, educative journals and newspapers. Science laboratory with complete practical as required by the board syllabus is delivered. The school has a well-equipped computer laboratory with more than 30 seats to enable students to do hands on practice and prepare projects.

Extra-Curricular Activities offered

The school offers a host of extra-curricular activities aiming at the overall development of the child. These activities range from sports, cricket, volleyball, football table tennis, carom , dramatics quizzes elocution etc.

Counselor and Special Educator

The school has a full time counselor helping students with academic and career guidance, also helping parents for special emphasis if any required for their children. There are children who are differently challenged and require the guidance and support , the special educator fulfills this need.