Imparting Dini Education

Dini Education is well encompassed in the daily curriculum, such as recitation of Holy Quran, sessions for Namaz, Lisan-u-dawat, eating habits etc. form part of the schedule and no exception is done for the same.

Advantages to Mumineen Students in Saifi High School

1. Imparting ofDini&Duniyavi education in the same campus during the same duration of school.
2. School holidays and leaves are adjusted to DiniMiqaats, making parents and child’s life hassle free.
3. Examination dates are altered to meet DiniMiqaats, School arranges to change board schedule for important religious Miqaats.
4. Children get 2 complete days out of the 7 day week schedule to indulge in other activities viz. extracurricular etc., which otherwise are spent by children going to Dini Madrassa.
5. Fatemi culture becomes a granular part of child’s daily life, and no additional effort needs to be put by the students/parents for the same.
6. The school takes it as their own responsibilities to educate and pass on the DiniFatemi Culture to each student as we believe that mumineenfarzando are the Amanat of AqaMaula (TUS).

At Saifi we excel in imparting Dini and Duniyavi education.


1.Recitation of Quran – Hifz compulsory.
2.Sessions for Namaaz.
3.Lisan-u-dawat is encompassed in the daily curriculum.
4.Safra system introduced to inculcate proper eating habits during snack time.
5.Introduction of Arabic language as a subject.
6.Ziyarat tours organized – Karbala (2012)
7.Grooming up for Jamea level studies. (this year 6 children got the opportunity to get enrolled in Al-JameatusSaifiyah. Ali QadrMoula (TUS) emphasized on preparing 6 more children to seek admission in Jamea (Total 12 children).


The school prepares children for the SSC Board. The medium of instruction is English.
1.Pre-Primary – Learning by doing.
2.Primary and Secondary – The Holistic Approach towards learning.
3.Emphasis on Language programme to enhance their vocabulary.
4.Imparting education through leading magazine like National Geographic. Juniors and Young Explorer enriches their minds and broadens their knowledge of English in every aspect.
5.Open Window Library is a library that circulates toys and books according to the child’s level.
The best use of technology has been made in teaching both Dini and DunyaviTaalim through Smart Class (audio visual tool) and online learning kits which has brought a new revolution in the teaching methodology and learning through it has become a joyful experience.